Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pony Bead Flip Flop

My daughter loved the flip flop keyrings so much she wanted to make her own. But owing to the size of the delica beads and the need to use a fine beading needle I wasn't happy. So, we decided to make a bigger flip flop which she could hang on her door or wall in her bedroom.

  • We traced around her foot onto two different colours of funky foam.
  • Using her endless supply of pony beads, they were strung with embroidery thread.
  • The string of beads was then stitched onto the foam shape .
  • The second piece of foam was glued to the base to hide the threads and messy bits.

Our intention was to make several and create a mobile but we only got as far as two. Never mind, something else to do on a rainy day.

Thanks for looking....Bernie

PS: (These are decorative items only - do not try to wear them! You'll probably end up killing yourself as you trip and break your legs, back, neck etc...)


Blogger hedgehogman said...

nice , we ( sunday school teachers ) made it too here. We used flannel and spons to make the sandals.

May 16, 2006 9:10 am  

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